Tuesday, March 22, 2011

learning as I go

Last week, the Wheeler household went through our first round of teething. It started with a low-grade fever, tons of saliva, fussiness and constant chewing of fingers. It ended after a few days and surprise - Benjamin has his 2 bottome teeth! We were so excited when we woke up Monday morning and felt those little guys.

I can't believe he's growing up so quickly!

In other news, I've recently discovered Barre3. It's a workout consisting of pilates, ballet and yoga and I'm obsessed! It's the most intense hour and I am already seeing results. If you live in OKC, check out barre3.com/okc.

My current workout schedule looks something like this: Mondays - pilates reformer, Tuesdays - Zumba, Thursdays - mat pilates plus two or three days of cardio. So thankful for my work's gym and all the amazing classes they offer!

Also, totally loving Smart Ones breakfast sandwiches right now. I have been eating one every morning on my drive in to work. So delish!

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