Saturday, February 12, 2011

part 2

So now that Ben is happily asleep and we are watching old episodes of The Office, I have a little time to just be. And because I feel guilty to just sit and do nothing, I decided to blog.
That's one of my fatal flaws - the inability to just sit down and totally relax. I am the queen of multi-tasking.
Probably started in fifth or sixth grade when I would hide my latest novel in the top drawer of my desk while watching my homeschooling tape, sneaking chapters in between fractions and handwriting classes. Yes - my homeschooling curriculum included handwriting -
However, this skill has served me well in my twenty-something years thus far. I can juggle five or six things at once and still maintain a coherent conversation.
Good thing I learned this skill early because as a mother, multi-tasking is everything.

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