Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reality Rocks

So, I'm a little obsessed with reality tv. Some of my favorites: American Idol, Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, House Hunters, Next Food Network Star...but I digress. The point is - this year, I'm loving the new Idol format and judges! I was skeptical when I heard Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were joining the cast, but I gave it a shot and am so glad I did!

Side note: Unlike most of the free world, I do not want Emily to win The Bachelor because I don't think Brad is good enough for her.

We have a March Madness-style bracket put together for the Top 24 of American Idol going with some of my girls from work. I have been trying to think of the logical top choices, but am really struggling with who I think has a legitamate shot at winning. Anyone reading this have a guess?


  1. I completely agree about the new judges. I actually wasn't watching it and caught it one Thursday night b/c we don't really have anything we watch that night. I was so surprised how much I would like them. I was also surprise that they actually know music. I know that sounds stupid, but I really thought they would get on there and Randy would be the only one that knew what he was talking about. I really love it!

    As for Bachelor, we googled the winner after the first episode, so I already know who is going to win...BUT! I love watching it too!!!! I won't say too much as to give away who "wins", but I do like her and think they are good together. I also have to say that I really like all three finalists. I would have been very happy this year b/c they are all good.

    And...I have NO guesses on AI winner. Its hard b/c you never know who America will vote for (Sanjiah??? I mean, REALLY? He stayed WAY too long!). This year the talent is just INCREDIBLE!!!! Its going to be so hard to pick. After last nights episode and seeing the top 12 guys and girls, I think the guys definitely out-weigh the girls, but we'll see! My favorites are:

    Casey Abrams
    Jacob Lusk
    James Durbin
    Lauren Alaina
    Paul McDonald
    Pia Toscano
    Robbie Rosen
    Scotty McCreery

    Okay...and I want your opinion. I really don't like Haley Reinhart!!!!!! She has an amazing voice, but I can't EVER understand one single word she is singing. It drives me CRAZY!!!!!!!! I'm I the only one????

  2. Love Casey Abrams and Robbie, also! I actually think Lauren Alaina is a tiny bit annoying. But we'll see after this week...I'll also pay more attention to Haley and see what I think!

    I am glad you are watching!